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Location - The point of your dreams on magical axis

Location of the finca in Ibiza View of the finca in Ibiza on a slope Cala Tarida in Ibiza View from living room to the bay Sunset on the terrace of the Finca Casa Key West in Ibiza
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Now open your eyes: between myth and saga, between Es Vedra (the enigmatic symbol of Ibiza) and the island of la Conejera (described as Hannibal's birthplace), you will see the white beaches of Cala Tarida.

Take a look at the Puig de S'Avenc: with its white mansions and fincas, which are so typical of the island, its steep inclination on the left and slow descent on the right make it appear as Brokeback Mountain.

Up here, where during summer time the air is cooler than down by the sea and where during winter time the mountains of the Spanish mainland border the horizon, you will find the newly built Casa Key West. With its wide westerly aspect, the finca offers a breathtaking view of both the mountains and the sea. And a sunset that could not be any more spectacular.

Despite its secluded location it only takes a few minutes to get to the most beautiful spots on the island. Here in the south west you will find one cala next to the other. Within five minutes you will reach the sea, the pittoresque town of San Jose is three, the airport 13 and Ibiza town 20 kilometers away.

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