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Main Building - Elevated on a slope in luxurious ambience

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Spacious - that will be your first association with the property. The main house stands in completely fenced grounds of approximately 7000 sqm. It enjoys the benefits of an unobstructed view from the mountains down to the sea whilst - at the same time - it offers complete protection and privacy from the outside.

Two bedrooms with four beds in total, an extensive Sala (living room) that enjoys the benefits of an open fireplace, a rustic Spanish kitchen, two fully equipped bathrooms, a spacious hallway: overall the house easily accommodates four people on 180 sqm and offers a distinct level of luxury.

Every room offers an unobstructed view of the terraces, the pool and the sea whilst - at the same time - the scent
of the wooden ceiling ("Sabina") will immediately lift your spirits.

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